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LOL I LUFF IT!!!!! You must make more.. like a sexy potato!! Lol Doooo etttt I comade yeh! -Acts hyper due to geting back from boyfrien...


Mashika- Possible Mommy for Honovi by IrresistibleReject
Mashika- Possible Mommy for Honovi
Edited ver. Shika v.2
Mashika- Born during the rainy season
Mashika is a somewhat dusky pelted lion with three little spots under her right eye and two under her left; she has teal-y eyes and dark ear rims and eyes and freckles over her muzzle. She has teeth tearing in her right ear and two small scars over her mouth also on the right side. These are from an incident regarding a rouge male she encountered just before becoming a young adult. Hitting young adulthood dropped her into a single parent unit, later on she was orphaned- one due to illness and one from grief and injury. Shika (a nickname given to her by her aunt) is a passionate, sweet and stable girl. She is tough as nails in difficult times, but very loving and caring- she is very headstrong and clear if she cares deeply for something you can see her passion burn. 

Possible Mommy for Honovi? for :iconbluemanewolf:

Base- to respectable owner labeled on base -too tired-
Happy Tails, Freya App Form by IrresistibleReject
Happy Tails, Freya App Form
Edit: I had been planning to change her look and breed, but Im unable to find my tablet pen and havent for at least a month now, so im hoping this version of her is good enough

God I hate how the chibi turned out;-;
So here is my baby i'm hoping will get accepted into the group :iconhappy-tails: Im posting her here early but not going to send in a request till it next says its open, I just wanted to make sure I didn't forget to upload it ^w^

So heres all the stuff early ^^;
Name: Freya

 1.5 years old, about 19 human years.
Gender: Female

5"4',  4" in dog form

 Husky/Aussie mix

Partner: Looking~ (Jaded was meant to make her owner)

Sexual orientation: 
Pansexual, She loves everyone

Personality: Flirty, Playful, Jealous type, Loving, Confident, Inquisitive, Feisty, Short tempered, Stubborn, Loyal, Protective, Possessive, Rambunctious, can get Obsessive over something/one 
She is very rambunctious (even more so when younger) She likes to flirt and tease and is loving to everyone unless she thinks you dont deserve it. Shes confident and can be cocky and sees herself as Alpha female material, she will argue her point even if shes wrong from how stubborn she is. She is a very curious girl and it gets her into trouble. Shes very loyal to those who she cares for. She protective of those she sees as hers and of those she feels are weaker. She is able to develop a clingyness toward someone or more then one due to her being able to get obsessive over something/one 

Likes: Play fighting, Wrestling, Comfortable areas, Books, Nibbling, Snow, Smell of cooking, Tummy rubs, pets (in both forms), Baths and water

Dislikes: Strong perfumes, Smoke in her face, Smell of cinnamon, Being wrong, Sharing people, peanut butter, alpha people bullying

History: As a pup she was ever it got her into trouble countless times along with her stubbornness and curiosity though after an incident with an older dog she decided she needed to learn how to defend herself and stand up for herself, shed been cocky before but as she grew it turned more into confidence. She can now defend herself and others with both her words and if needed actions. She had been the product of a stray and a house pet, she was in the family for a while but then they hadn't the money for all the animals so she was put up for adoption at a shelter. Later she was adopted by a young girl named Shelly who loved to read stories and make them, Freya soon became an avid reader herself loving fantasy and romance books. Freya was given her name by Shelly and the two had been very close until that family moved away and left Freya behind only a few months after the adoption. 

Freya had learnt things from the pets she spent her time with as well as her stray father, the things she learnt varied and soon Flirty, Feisty, and Obsessive could be added to her list of personality traits, she learnt a bit of street smarts and how to look cute and charming when she really wanted something.

Extra information: Freya loves sweets, she would do anything for them (well agree to anything and grumble about it later) its her kryptonite.
She likes to pretend shes a wolf at times
Her ears are her weak points, either sexually or not depends on how they are messed with
She can become childlike when shes very sleepy or she'll get snappy
She's very innocent even though she can play the part of dirty, shes never had a relationship (or fling) 
She's a hopeless romantic about others and dreams for herself
She loves cuddles, she wont start them and likes to play as if she doesn't want them but she so does.
Is perfectly okay with cats
Allergic to strawberries but likes how they taste
Not a picky eater
Finds cheesy things cute as can be 
If she blushes she will try everything to hide it, from covering her face to making excuses. 
Is very dense when it comes to others feelings, they would have to spell it out for her

Transformation triggers:

To Human- 
When wants food
When annoyed
When defending

Back to dog-
Physical defending
When wants to growl better
Wants to run
Wants to hide
Wants to be sneaky

Roleplay info:
Skype, Notes, Facebook and occasionally comments
Not a huge fan of groups since it can get confusing but can do. 
Length varies based on replies
Im open to most all types of roleplay
Note for skype and facebook info.

Dog app by :icontea-why:



IrresistibleReject's Profile Picture
Cassandra Ann In Wonderland
United Kingdom
:iconblushplz: 5/16/2014 :iconmonkeyloveplz:
I love art Role playing writing reading and alot of other stuff you dont care about!
Self Esteem
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Art/music Skill
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Its funny how things constantly change and you are expected to just work with it and move with it without time to adjust. Sometimes the way things worl really suck but hey, gotta smile and keep going ^w^
I would never consider myself Normal, of course that would be if Normal were a term the defined something when really its your own opinion I mean I could find talking to yourself Normal (which I do) and others wouldn't.
But I would say Im considered Odd to others to say the least but my Oddity is part of my charm~
I Like to draw, Write and read and I love to help others with any issues.
Im a tad crazy but I don't bite~

:iconhothidan74: - One of my closest most trustworthy friends and Partner-in-Crime I have known her what feels like all my life and can't think how I could have not met her. Her and her brother were there for me and I love her family overall <3 (Her art is just yes~) My Husband XD
It feels like I've been friends with her forever even though its only been like what 2 years? We disagree but we've been through a bit together and are there for eachother <3 She is my babu Hurt her I will kick your ass <33 Her art is amazing and steadily progressing please commish her and watch! My Waifu
:icongeekyninjah: - Woman is amazing, always making ocs and just yes but she needa talk with me more and bloody collab with me
:iconi-am-emmy: This chick has one of the most adorable art styles for chibi's that I know and I just adore her Im glad I got to meet this cute little gangster chibi~
So. Im thinking of doing some point commissions for once. Now my only issues are, It will take some time so you'd need to be patient, unless you want it on a base -which im not great with- then they will be hand drawn, and they would be uploaded from my phone first -since I cant always get to my scanner-

So I think my prices things arent that bad:I was thinking
2-3 for chibi depending on detail
5 for bust
8 for simple full body
12 for specific poses and couples (or friends)
15 for groups of 3-5
+2 for color
+3 for specific backgrounds
+1 if I think it would be more difficult then I can handle

I might switch round the color and difficulty prices coz meh. The prices would just fall under how much detail and time I would need to spend on the project. Well inbox me with further questions on anything as well as if you have a request. 
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  • Listening to: Lucy being sleepy in skype

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