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critique this or I will be mad!! D::: by JonathanTheSmex

LOL I LUFF IT!!!!! You must make more.. like a sexy potato!! Lol Doooo etttt I comade yeh! -Acts hyper due to geting back from boyfrien...


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Cassandra Ann In Wonderland
United Kingdom
:iconblushplz: 5/16/2014 :iconmonkeyloveplz:
I love art Role playing writing reading and alot of other stuff you dont care about!
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Its funny how things constantly change and you are expected to just work with it and move with it without time to adjust. Sometimes the way things worl really suck but hey, gotta smile and keep going ^w^
I would never consider myself Normal, of course that would be if Normal were a term the defined something when really its your own opinion I mean I could find talking to yourself Normal (which I do) and others wouldn't.
But I would say Im considered Odd to others to say the least but my Oddity is part of my charm~
I Like to draw, Write and read and I love to help others with any issues.
Im a tad crazy but I don't bite~

:iconhothidan74: - One of my closest most trustworthy friends and Partner-in-Crime I have known her what feels like all my life and can't think how I could have not met her. Her and her brother were there for me and I love her family overall <3 (Her art is just yes~) My Husband XD
:iconstripeystockings: - It feels like I've been friends with her forever even though its only been like what 2 years? We disagree but we've been through a bit together and are there for eachother <3 She is my babu Hurt her I will kick your ass <33 Her art is amazing and steadily progressing please commish her and watch! My Waifu
:icongeekyninjah: - Woman is amazing, always making ocs and just yes but she needa talk with me more and bloody collab with me
:iconi-am-emmy: This chick has one of the most adorable art styles for chibi's that I know and I just adore her Im glad I got to meet this cute little gangster chibi~
Mini stories based on ideas my girlfriend had to propose that she decided not to use.

The News is Love:

'Babe, can you go get me the paper?' Lucy called out to her girlfriend who was sitting in the living room curled up on the couch with her face in one of her many books. 'Why? Its not like you read it' She teased. Lucy rolled her eyes as she stired her pot of scrambled eggs. She really wanted Cassie to look at the paper as she usually does before giving them to her if they have nice funnies. Little did Cassie know this time there was something a bit better then funnies to be seen. 'You know I look at it! Well the funny parts!' Cassie giggled and let out a sigh as she stretched upon getting up from her spot. 'Fineee' She said with a smile walking to where the stacks of papers sat.
[00:22:07] ♠♣♦That Is Mrs Moore to You Betch♠♣♦ かっす: She began to skim read over them and a title caught her eyes. Marry Me? as she continued to read over the section her eyes became teary on her way to the kitchen. Lucy stood there with a little box in her hand, giving a slightly shy smile to her girlfriend who had tears slowly streaming down her pinkend cheeks, and had a hand over her mouth in slight shock. 'Sooo?' Lucy asked sounding a bit nervous now. Cassie dropped the paper and lunged herself at her lover. 'Yes yes yes yes yes!' she sobbed out placing salty wet kisses over her future-wifes face.

Love is In the Air:
[00:27:11] ♠♣♦That Is Mrs Moore to You Betch♠♣♦ かっす: It was a beautiful day. And today was goning to be the day! Not an angery cloud in the sky, Cassie was free, I was free it was perfect.
I had her get a basket and said we should do a picnic while the weather looked nice, to which she glared at me since it was 8 in the morning. But what can I say, I wake up early and I really wanted her to go out with me on a picnic for a surprise!
After lots of cuddles and kiss attacks I finally got her out of bed, and the promise of tea and kisses of course. I resisted watching while she dressed since I had lots to make sure was planned. So I left outside to see if everything was in order and was happy when it seemed it all was going perfectly.
I really hope she'll like it, it may seem a bit cheesey, but not as much as my Pizza one would have been. Literally.
[00:40:05] ♠♣♦That Is Mrs Moore to You Betch♠♣♦ かっす: 'Babe you are acting more like a kid then usual dear lesbians.' She teased making me jump in surprise as she came out wrapping her arms around me now fully dressed. 'Ready to go?' I asked kissing her cheek quickly and giving her a nuzzle. She sighed and shook her head in the 'Im in love with a dork' way she does. 'Ye, I packed everything and im ready.'
As we drove the nerves began to kick in. I mean I was almost 100% sure shed say yes, but still. What if something went wrong for instance?
I was startled by a soft touch on my thigh, a quick look showed it was just Cassie placing her hand there in concern. 'You okay baby girl?' I gave her a small smile 'Yeah, baby doll, I'll be better once we get to our destination.' She grinned 'You sure like this picnic idea' she had no idea how much I liked it.

We just finished off our sandwiches, and I even brought coffee and a cake for desert. As we laid back on a blanket I had in the back seat, trying not to get dog hair in our mouths we looked at the clouds to make shapes. 'That looks like a dog' 'In what universe?' She replied snarkily with a cheeky grin. Before I could kiss attack her I heard the plane. 'Oh look!' I say excitedly pointing at the plane. She did her eye roll and looked 'You know how bad my eye si-...' She stopped midsentence and after a while I got a bit worried so I looked over to find her looking from me to the plane biting her quivering lip so she didnt cry. 'Those better be good tears' I joke nervously. She lets out a small laugh and jumps on me kissing me hard, bearly being able to whisper 'yes'
We nuzzle heads and cuddle and giggle as I wipe the formed tears off her face and kiss her nose, to which she kisses my cheeks. 'I love you Lucy Moore' She breaths out. 'I love you Cassie Moore' I grin proudly as she giggles, blushing lightly.

Glowing Love:

[01:16:24] ♠♣♦That Is Mrs Moore to You Betch♠♣♦ かっす:

Lucy has always had a childish side to her. Shes very mature, but she is also a kid. Personally I love that about her, in fact it brought out both my mature and childish sides as well.
I was starting to wonder if I did something that upset her though. She was acting differently the last couple of days, and she wont let me go into one of the rooms that we have. I thought she wanted me to repaint it so we could move our stuff into it but she seemed to have different ideas.

Thor came up to me wagging his tail so I bent over and gave him a kiss on his head, petting him. 'Whos a good baby? Whos a good baby?' I cooed at the dog. 'You mean me?' My eyes snap up and I look past the hair that has fallen in my face to my girlfriend standing in the doorway that I have not been aloud into in almost a week. 'No I mean the good one, youre a bad girl'  I tease, which brings forth a sexy smile to her mouth as she sauntered toward me. 'And you are?' She asked. I smiled sweetly to her and took a step away from her. 'Im a good girl' She chuckled somehow managing to push me against the wall, her arms trapping me. 'Good girls are bad girls that havent been caught baby doll' I smirk raising a brow. 'I thought you caught me.'

'Not yet' She murmered under her breath, just quiet enough I couldnt hear. 'What was that baby girl?' I lick my lips slwoly, darwing her attention to my mouth. Making her lean into me more. 'Nothing baby doll' She growls softly before pressing her lips to mine. We kiss for a while, my hands go into her short hair, nails brushing her scalp slightly, tongue brushing over her lips softly making her growl. She pulls back reluctantly with a growl. 'No lucy bad' She grumbles to herself, before turning back to me with a grumpyish face at stopping.Wasnt my fault so she cant blame me for that one.

She grabbed my hand and began pulling me back the direction she came from, I gave her a confused look as she pulled me inside. A giggle exploded from me as she shoved me onto a king sized bed though. 'what Are you doing?' I asked between giggles. 'Just close your eyes for a minute'  She gave a Lucy grin as I rolled my eyes the proceded to close them and she turned off the lights. I let out a small yelp as she flopped onto the bed right beside me. 'You can open them now' she whispered. As my eyes fluttered open and I shoved hair behind my ears to keep out my way. I noticed taht on the ceiling something was glowing. As I focused my eyes better I saw that it was glow sticks, and that spelt out a question. The best question I have ever been asked in my life. I let out a small squee noise and rolled onto Lucy. Kissing her repeatedly in my happiness. 'Of fucking course you dork! I love you I love you I love you!' I said in breaths between kisses before I pressed myself onto her body firmer, kissing her deeply to the point she growled and nipped my lip.
And that is when the clothes began to be stripped, thor began to whine from being closed off from his mommys and the couple had 'just engaged sex'. The End
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