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critique this or I will be mad!! D::: by JonathanTheSmex

LOL I LUFF IT!!!!! You must make more.. like a sexy potato!! Lol Doooo etttt I comade yeh! -Acts hyper due to geting back from boyfrien...


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Cassandra Ann In Wonderland
United Kingdom
:iconblushplz: 5/16/2014 :iconmonkeyloveplz:
I love art Role playing writing reading and alot of other stuff you dont care about!
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Its funny how things constantly change and you are expected to just work with it and move with it without time to adjust. Sometimes the way things worl really suck but hey, gotta smile and keep going ^w^
I would never consider myself Normal, of course that would be if Normal were a term the defined something when really its your own opinion I mean I could find talking to yourself Normal (which I do) and others wouldn't.
But I would say Im considered Odd to others to say the least but my Oddity is part of my charm~
I Like to draw, Write and read and I love to help others with any issues.
Im a tad crazy but I don't bite~

:iconhothidan74: - One of my closest most trustworthy friends and Partner-in-Crime I have known her what feels like all my life and can't think how I could have not met her. Her and her brother were there for me and I love her family overall <3 (Her art is just yes~) My Husband XD
:iconstripeystockings: - It feels like I've been friends with her forever even though its only been like what 2 years? We disagree but we've been through a bit together and are there for eachother <3 She is my babu Hurt her I will kick your ass <33 Her art is amazing and steadily progressing please commish her and watch! My Waifu
:icongeekyninjah: - Woman is amazing, always making ocs and just yes but she needa talk with me more and bloody collab with me
:iconi-am-emmy: This chick has one of the most adorable art styles for chibi's that I know and I just adore her Im glad I got to meet this cute little gangster chibi~
...So Take This Thing My Friend Callum Enjoyed.

I've come to realize I have what is apparently necrophobia, its an abnormal fear of death (thanatophobia) or corpses, so more specifically I have thanatophobia. The thought petrifies me, I start having a panic attack which sorta freaks me out even more because apparently you could possibly die from that. I dont know when this started nor do I know what triggered it, I just remember it being very bad when Halloween came around one year. Almost the whole month of October (and some of November) was a living hell for me. I once shared my moms views in death, which are more spiritual, afterlife things and I never really got the whole 'Heaven vs Hell' thing, I mean i even can understand the Old souls idea (it just fits to me) but I still get freaked out when thinking on that area. 

The feeling that you cant breath, the air thinning and leaving your body, giving you the feeling of suffocation. The terror that rams its ugly talons into your heart, gripping on fast in an iron clasp causing your adrenaline to spike. The panic is overwhelming. I might never know why it will attack me so suddenly, sometimes refusing to detach from my mind no matter how I fight the ugly thought, or why its so terrifying to me when once I never had an issue with such things. No matter how happy I am and having it suddenly lunge out the shadows and tear into me like a wild animal on rampage, the slight paranoia I get when trying to speak about a similar, and the fighting off tears and an attack when on the subject... I guess maybe I wont want to know, or I will but will never find the real reason cause surely the answer may be different to the person right?

Now why my friend said this is better then most of my actual work -was very offended- I will never truly understand it was originally just a note i was starting about persistant thoughts id have. I dont see how reading about my fear is an interesting read but whatever callum. here is also to start off my new 'Post at least one thing a day' both here and my tumblr weather its art or writing. Dont like it blame Callum and Chloe for telling me to do it 
Meanwhile, had a lovely weekend with my bb in crime 2 :iconstripeystockings:
  • Mood: Uneasy
  • Listening to: Tainted love -PussyCat Dolls

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